"Herbal formula for sexual vigor!"

I am Smith, 40 years old. I first discovered Satibo 3 years ago on a routine business trip to China. It was 11:30 at night and I was sitting in the hotel bar with a colleague waiting for my girlfriend to arrive. I was complaining to him how tired I was and my girlfriend whom I haven't seen for 2 months was coming over in 30 minutes. He smiles and handed me over this sealed pouch with 2 blue capsules in it, he explains "this is like an herbal Viagra. It's an herbal al supplement and with no side effects. I guarantee you will have some fun, tonight!"

I said I had no problem "getting it up". He smiled again, "It's not for that purpose alone. It will enhance your sexual experiences." The capsules were professionally sealed and packed. So, I took the capsules and by the time my girlfriend arrived I was in a very excited state. That night, my performances (three times) were longer and much more satisfying. I remember my girlfriend was saying that she knows how much I missed her.

I was very pleased with Satibo, so I did some research on it. The Chinese has been using herbal formulas to enhance sexual functions for centuries, long before Viagra ever become popular. Satibo was produced from the traditional herbal formulas combined with modern manufacturing process.

Satibo is sold throughout China, Japan and the Middle East. Now, we are pleased to introduce this treasure from the East to the West. Enjoy!

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