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The power of Herbal

Around 2000 years ago, the Chinese Emperor craving beauty that might shake an empire was on the throne for many years. There were other ladies in his court, three thousand of rare beauty, but his favours to three thousand were concentered in one body. How does the Emperors has so much energy to resist so many ladies? Undoubtedly, Emperors are relying on his puissance and ask his top herbalist to make some pills for him so that he can keep his strong strength of body.
Thus, it can be seen that Herbal exerting a profound influence on their personality and life.

About Satibo

- Satibo 100% Natural sexual enhancement herbal supplement!

Satibo capsules are the powerful energy agent which combines the ancient skills of traditional Chinese knowledge with state of the art manufacturing techniques to produce a most remarkable recipe.

Satibo capsules have been used extensively throughout Asia and the Middle East for many years, and the product is now rapidly gaining popularity in the western world.

satibo is a natural alternative to the famous tablet manufactured by Pfizer. satibo, however due to its 100% natural ingredients, does not have any of the side effects of its pharmaceutical competitors, such as headaches, fatigue, nausea and the infamous blue peripheral vision.

satibo not only improves ones sexuality but also rejuvenates the whole system giving an intense feeling of well being. satibo is beneficial to all age groups and is used by people from all walks of life, people who have never had sexual or erection problems use satibo as it greatly enhances the sexual experience.

If you and your partner want to experience the best sex ever then choose satibo!
The main benefits of satibo capsules:

1. Erection speed is quicker than Viagra and the feeling of erection is stronger.

2. Self-sustaining time is longer than Viagra, and a pleasurable and excited state continues for a long time.

3. The pleasant sensations and feelings achieved are more abundant than with viagra. Those who use viagra will be aware of a feeling of fatigue often experienced after a sexual act. There is also the possibility of a feeling of weakness and depression. With Satibo an intense feeling throughout the whole body during sexual intercourse is produced. This is one of the greatest attributes of Satibo capsules.

4. Satibo capsules are a 100% natural herbal medicine, there are no side effects, and it is safe. a nutrition ingredient is also in the capsules, if the product is used for a long time, there is a reinforcement action of the constitution.

5. No prescription is necessary to purchase Satibo capsules.

6. Can be used by both men and women.

• Major ingredients: Chinese yam,Wolfberry,Liquorice,Job stears,Gorgon fruit,Lily etc.
• Action: Reinforcement of a sex function. Regulate the immunity of body fluid.
• Inapplicable to: children
• Dosage and usage: oral use --2 capsules each time. Please take 1 hour before a sexual activity.
• Storage: keep in cool, dry place.
• Quality guaranteed peride: 18 months
• Esecutive standard: Q/FYS1002
• Packing: 0.3g ;8 capsules/box
• Production date&lot no: shown inside
• Sanction number: wei shi jian zi (1997)886
• Labe approvai.code: PK-00805
• About packing of Satibo Capsule, although the producs before June, 2000 were carton packing, the products after June, 2000 changed to iron box packing.
• About prevention of imitation, the foil seal is stuck on the surface of iron box, and 21 digits should be appeared if the seal is removed. The number is the only goods number of Satibo Capsule, and the thing without the seal and number has the high possibility of imitation.

For oversea market, the Satibo is exporting via Sunnyway Trading Co., Ltd. , it is a professional trading enterprise which is mainly deal in Satibo and other Chinese herbal health care products exporting in China . Sunnyway is the original distributor. Please beware of counterfeiters, because there are much fake Satibo in the international market.